This site features many room makers and character creators. The candybar, and other creators can be used to make male and female avatars and have a lot of options.

NOTICE: ELouai is back online.

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Wonderful game with many choices. You can make virtually any kind of room you want with all of the items the game has to offer!

NOTICE: Unfortunately for the moment this website seems to be down. However you can still play it from the alternate link. Do note that to play this game you should use an alternate browser as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers no longer run it properly.


Pink Land

Beautiful site created by Francesca, a doll maker. In the past she had made dolls for the Doll Palace, which can be found on her site. Dolls, bases, and pixel art are the main attraction of the site. 

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The Snut website is a site exclusively for pixel style games! Among these are room makers including Kids room, hair salon, flower shop, treehouse maker and more! A bunch of fun games with a cute pixelated style. NOTICE 2/21/2021: Snut is currently down. Most games can be played through ruffle after downloading them here.

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Room Planer

With this game you can create a small dorm like room! The pixel art in this game is very nostalgic and makes it fun to create a nice organized room. NOTICE 2/21/2020: Room Planner is not functional due to flash shutdown. It can be played through ruffle after downloading from here.

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This site has quite a couple of pixel doll makers and some bases and premade avatars as well! The lunaii dollmaker can be used for avatars and have many options; you can even change the direction the eyes are looking in!

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The number of individual doll makers on this site is incredible! These pixel dolls are super cute, not only will you find dollmakers on the site but pixel graphic makers and many others.

NOTICE: As of now the dollmakers on the site are not functional but they can be played through the alternate version of the link. Keep in mind some links may be expired. If so try finding an older version of the link.

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Great site for doll makers of all types! There are lots of tutorials available and you can easily submit your own doll art, please support the creators and take a look! NOTE: To translate the site to English if using chrome click the 'translate this page' icon in the right corner of the search bar.

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